Tips For Planning A Trip To Paso Robles California

Have you recently selected Paso Robles, California as your next vacation destination? If you have, you may be looking for helpful planning tips. If so, you have come to the right place.

If you have the freedom to choose your intended dates of travel, there are some important points you will want to keep in mind. First, know that Paso Robles is most popular in the summertime. Although this is considered the peak travel season, you will not be overrun with other guests. For less traffic, but the same great experience, you may want to consider visiting the area in either the spring or the fall. With that said, many attractions, including local wineries, are even open for business in the winter.

The first step in planning a Paso Robles trip involves making your travel arrangements. Focus on how you intend to get to the area. If you live only a few hours away, you may be interested in driving yourself. If you live across the country or somewhere in between, flying may your preferred method of travel. If so, online travel websites can help you find the best airline rates. Be sure to compare prices to prevent you from overpaying.

In keeping with your travel arrangements, you will need a place to stay. If you selected Paso Robles as your vacation destination, the area’s wineries may have caught your eye. In fact, you may be planning a wine-themed vacation. If that is the case, look for accommodations right on a winery. Some Paso Robles wineries have onsite bed and breakfast inns. There are also those that have small cottages and guest rooms available for rent. You also have the option of staying at a traditional hotel. In Paso Robles, there is a Courtyard at Marriot and a Hampton Inn and Suites.

Another travel arrangement that you may want to make is that of a car rental. When deciding if a car rental is right for you, consider your intended vacation activities. Do you want to spend the day visiting area wineries? If so, a car rental is recommended, but only if you have a designated driver. For wine tours, guided tours where transportation is provided is recommended. If visiting wineries is just one of the many activities you would like to participate in, a car rental can be of great assistance.

An important part of planning a great vacation involves making sure you have fun. For that reason, you will want to research local activities and attractions. Since Paso Robles is most well-known for its great wineries, you will find them to be the most recommended attraction. However, there is more for you to do and see. The area is also home to a number of fine dining restaurants and shops, located both on and off winery grounds. Lake Nacimiento and the Salinas River are home to a number of great activities, including boating, fishing, hiking, picnicking, and horseback riding.

As a recap, there is no specific “best,” time to visit Pas Robles, California, as most attractions are open all year round. To plan a fun, yet affordable vacation, compare rates for your airline reservations, car rental, and overnight accommodations. Also, be sure to stop by at least one area winery. By keeping the above mentioned points in mind, your vacation will conclude you with pleased.

Tips for Planning a Romantic Paso Robles Honeymoon

Are you in the process of planning your wedding? If so, your honeymoon planning will not be far away. Yes, you have an unlimited number of romantic destinations to choose from, but if you want to visit California, you should closely examine Paso Robles. There, you are provided with a countless number of opportunities to have the romantic honeymoon of your dreams.

As nice as it is to hear that Paso Robles is the perfect honeymoon destination, you may be looking for proof. After all, you don’t want to take chances with such a special event. Know, however, that your Paso Robles honeymoon will be filled with nothing other than fun, adventure, and romance. Why? Continue reading on to find out!

One of the many reasons why Paso Robles makes for the perfect honeymoon destination is because of local wineries. These wineries draw in tourists from all around the world. Whether you choose to visit just one winery or ten, you will enjoy the experience. As soon as you walk in the doors of a winery, you will be greeted with luxury and elegancy. Many wineries construct their establishments with history and elegancy of wine in mind. It is common to find European and Italian themes, all of which are known for creating romance.

A stop at a Paso Robles winery is not complete without wine tasting. While this may seem like an interesting activity, it can also be very romantic. What could be more romantic than sitting a private table overlooking beautiful estates and vineyards? It gets even better with the fine wines and gourmet foods you are able to sample. In addition to wine tasting, some wineries have fine dining restaurants. Imagine ending your day eating by candlelight.

It is no secret that the wineries of Paso Robles are its greatest attraction. However, it is important to note that there is so much to the area. In fact, since most of the attention is placed on local wineries, you may feel as if you found a hidden treasure when you find something like the River Oaks Hot Springs and Spa. Speaking of which, this is another must visit attraction that is perfect for a honeymoon. Imagine relaxing next to your new lifelong partner in a thermal spring or while receiving a massage. Sounds romantic!

When it comes to honeymoons, much focus is placed on achieving that perfect level of romance. Yes, romance is important for a honeymoon, but so is fun and adventure. To combine fun, adventure, and romance all into one, consider taking a guided horseback tour. They are available through the Rancho Del Salinas and a tour will take you along the Salinas River. Another well-known attraction in the area is Lake Necimiento. There you will find even more activities that combine fun and romance into one. These activities include canoeing, renting a peddle boat, walking along the shores of the lake, and picnicking.

Another important component of planning the perfect honeymoon is choosing the best place to stay. The good news is your options; there are so many to choose from. In Paso Robles, you can stay at a hotel. There is the Budget Inn, Hampton Inn & Suites, and the Courtyard at Marriot. Would you like to rent an RV? If so, a stay at the Wine Country RV Resort is recommended. Many local wineries and farms have onsite rental options, including bed and breakfast inns and guest rooms. Lake Necimiento is also home affordable, yet private vacation rentals.

If you have yet to make your wedding plans, consider planning a destination wedding. Paso Robles is home to a number of great wedding venues. The above mentioned River Oaks Hot Springs Spa and numerous wineries, including the Robert Hall Winery and the Eagle Castle Winery, can host special events. Paso Robles is so great that you may be surprised how many guests still travel to attend your destination wedding.

Tips for Planning a Paso Robles Wine Tour

Are you looking to visit the Paso Robles area of California and take a wine tour? If so, you have hit the jackpot. In the immediate area, there are over 170 wineries, many of which are open to the general public. This makes planning a wine tour fun and exciting.

Before sharing a few Paso Robles wine tour planning tips, it is important to focus on these tours. You may find variations of the meaning. For the most part, wine tours involve taking a tour through an area that is often known as wine country. Along the way, you stop and visit multiple wineries. Wine tasting is always involved. There are, however, wineries in the area that will allow you to tour their grounds with a guide. This is a wine tour, but a private one that usually requires an appointment

The first step in planning a Paso Robles wine tour is deciding when. If you live in or around the State of California, you should have more freedom. If you are vacationing, your travel dates may already be set in stone. The good news is that California has beautiful weather all year round. Many wineries are open to the public daily. Some Paso Robles wineries do cutback their hours during the winter.

Next, decide how you wish to get around. You have the option of driving yourself or taking a guided wine tour. When on a guided wine tour, you often ride in a van or a shuttle bus. If you intend to drive yourself, it is recommended that you choose a designated driver. This will allow your wine tour to be fun and safe. You will have to pay for a guided wine tour, but everyone is your group will be able to participate in wine tasting.

If you opt for a guided wine tour, you may not have much freedom in deciding where to stop. Many tour companies have arrangements with local wineries. This can work to your advantage though. You may receive discounts on the cost of wine tasting. In fact, the cost may be included in your overall package fee. Despite the lack of freedom, know that reputable wine tour companies carefully pick which Paso Robles wineries they stop at, ensuring you get the best.

If you opt to drive yourself, you have the freedom to choose which Paso Robles wineries you want to visit. As previously stated, the area is home to around 170 wineries. Unfortunately, you will not be able to visit all in one day. First, it is recommended that you do a little bit of research online. A standard internet search can tell you which wineries come highly rated and recommended, like Martin & Weyrich. When you choose a winery that comes highly rated and recommended, you are sure not to be let down.

In keeping with choosing wineries for stops on your wine tour, look for those where appointments are not needed. If you run late, will you still be able to enjoy an hour of wine tasting? Then, examine prices. On average, most wineries charge $4 per person for wine tasting. You will find some higher and lower rates. In fact, you will find some wineries that offer complimentary wine tasting. Complimentary wine tasting is nice, but may come with some restrictions.

Once you have selected which wineries you want to stop at on your wine tour, look at a map. To prevent backtracking and unnecessary travel expenses, organize the wineries in order of location. Start with the winery that is located the closest to your home or hotel.

As a recap, most Paso Robles wineries are open daily; however, you will find extended hours in the summer. Guided wine tours are recommended if no one volunteers to be the designated driver. When you do have a designated driver, choose your wineries carefully. Look for those that come highly rated and recommended, as well as those with low wine tasting fees.

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