Paso Robles California [Offering More Than Wineries]

If you were researching vacation destinations online, you may have come across Paso Robles, California. Paso Robles is most known for being in the heart of wine country. You have over a hundred wineries to choose from and visit. With that said, wine may not be an interest of yours or you may be looking for other vacation activities. If so, you will be pleased with your options. Paso Robles offers much more than wine.

Paso Robles, California is home to the River Oaks Hot Spring. The area is and has always been known for its natural, thermal springs. Many use these springs as way to cure minor aliments, including joint pain. With that said, you do not need to be in pain to visit this popular and historic spa. In addition to indoor and outdoor thermal springs, you can also receive a relaxing massage, a beautifying facial, and much more. Affordable spa packages are also available for sale.

Paso Robles is home to the Pioneer Museum. This is considered a must visit for anyone who wants to learn about the history of Paso Robles. What makes this museum unique is the old style look and feel it has. With interesting, historical, and detailed displays, you will feel as if you stepped back in time. If you visit Paso Robles the first weekend in November, stop by to attend the Annual Paso Gathering. Watch bit and spir makers, boot makers, and rawhide braiders practice their trade.

Paso Robles is also home to the Carnegie Historic Library Museum. This is also considered another must visit if you want to learn about the history of Paso Roles. What is unique about this attraction is that you can learn about the history through art. It fact, it is one of the few museums in the area that is dedicatedly solely to western art. When planning a trip to the Carnegie Historic Library and Museum, weekend visits are only available by appointment.

Paso Robles is home to four golf courses. These golf courses include the River Oaks Golf Course, Links at Paso Robles, The Paso Robles Club, and the Hunter Ranch Golf Course. Although each of these courses come highly rated and recommended, play on the Hunter Ranch Course. In addition to beautiful and well cared for greens, you will also find barbeque facilities, private and group lessons, a four-star golf store, and an Australian themed clubhouse.

Also, in Paso Robles, you will find Lake Nacimiento. This lake is home to an unlimited number of activities, including boating, fishing, hiking, and picnicking. If you are looking for adventure, rent a canoe, kayak, or a peddle boat. Nearby, you will find public campgrounds and private lodges available for rent. In fact, you could plan your vacation solely at Lake Nacimiento and have an amazing time.

Throughout the area, you will also find a large selection of fine dinning restaurants, casual eating restaurants, and unique shops.

The above mentioned area attractions are just a few of the many that you will find in Paso Robles, California. As previously stated, there is more to the area than wine. On that same note, you are urged to visit at least one Paso Robles winery. There is so much more to do than just wine sampling. For example, you can arrange a guided tour of a winery and vineyard.

Exploring Paso Robles Wineries

Are you a wine enthusiast? If you are, you may be looking for that perfect destination to enjoy an afternoon or week full of wine tasting. In California, you will find an unlimited number of options. In fact, that is why it is referred to as wine country. With that said, there is one area in particular you will want to visit. That area is Paso Robles, California.

What makes Paso Robles better than other areas? It is the large selection of wineries. The area is home to over 170 wineries. Most of these wineries are open to the general public. For example, about 100 wineries have tasting rooms for you to visit. What is nice about Paso Robles is that many of these wineries are located in clusters. This makes visiting and traveling to them easy. By reducing your time on the road, you can visit more wineries.

Most of the wineries in Paso Robles have wine tasting rooms that are open to the public. What is nice about these local wineries and their tasting rooms is that you don’t simply just walk into a room in a building. Instead, you step into elegance. It is common to find modern serving bars, stonewalls, picture windows, stone fireplaces, and a view that overlooks the countryside. Despite the possibility of a variance, most wineries charge $4 per person for a tasting session. However, select wineries offer complimentary tastings.

Complimentary and affordably priced wine tasting sessions are popular reasons for winery visits, but there is so much more. If you are a wine enthusiast, you may enjoy learning about the history of wine making in Paso Robles. Many wineries provide you with guided tours of their facilities by appointment. There is no better way to learn about the making of wine than to take a tour behind the scenes. Many other events are scheduled as well. For example, you may find a short session on the art of pairing wine with fine foods.

If you want to visits Paso Robles, California and explore area wineries, you have a number of different options. One of those options is to plan your own wine tour. When doing so, you drive yourself and stop at the wineries of your choice. This approach is nice, as it gives you freedom. However, use your best judgment. Have a designated driver. Before leaving for your trip, it may be best to use the internet to research local wineries. This will help you choose the best stops along the way.

In addition to planning your own, independent Paso Robles wine tour, you can also take a guided tour. The Grapeline Wine Country Shuttle and the Wine Wrangler are just two of your choices. What is nice about guided wine tours is that transportation is provided to you. Instead of driving, you get to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view. Paso Robles guided wine tours also go to great lengths to ensure you have a memorable experience. This means choosing the best wineries to stop at.

In keeping with exploring Paso Robles wineries with a guided tour, it is important to focus on knowledge. As previously stated, if you are a wine enthusiast, you may want to do more than just sample fine wines. Tour guides are not only familiar with the history of Paso Robles, but wine in general. They can share the history of each winery with you. This is what turns exploring wineries into a fun, exciting, and educational adventure. Don’t overlook the valuable discounts you are provided with, including free wine tasting and moneysaving discounts on wine purchases.

As previously stated, Paso Robles, California is home to over 170 wineries. Many of these wineries are open to the public. On average, you will find that you can reasonably visit between five and seven wineries a day. To get the most out of your next wine vacation, consider extending the length of your stay.

Your Paso Robles Staying Options Reviewed

Are you looking for that perfect vacation destination? Whether you are planning a weeklong trip or a weekend trip, Paso Robles, California can give you the vacation of your dreams.

As for why Paso Robles is a great destination for any trip, it is because of all that you can do and see. The area is home to many world-renowned wineries, the beautiful and activity filled Lake Nacimiento, four golf courses, and so much more.

Regardless of your reasons for choosing Paso Robles, California as you next vacation destination, you will need a place to stay. You may be pleased with all of your options. These options include staying at a campground, bed and breakfast, vacation home, guesthouse, and hotel. As for which option is right for you, it depends.


Are you an RV owner? If so, you will want to checkout the Wine Country RV resort. Rates are affordable and you can book a stay on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The resort has 166 full hookup camping sites. With free wireless internet, onsite laundry facilities, a heated pool, professional horseshoe pits, a pool table, an onsite convenience store and gift shop, a stay at the Wine Country RV resort is like a vacation all on its own.

Other public campgrounds, include those where tent camping is permitted, are located nearby. With that said, the Wine Country RV Resort comes highly rated and recommended. This is due in part to its amenities and location, which is in the heart of Paso Robles wine country.

Bed and Breakfast Inns

Paso Robles, California is a well-known vacation destination, but it is unlike many others. Its large selection of wineries and farms, many of which are open to the public, make this area seem like it is a hidden treasure. If you like the small town atmosphere that this large area creates, a stay at a bed and breakfast inn is recommended.

Bed and breakfast inns are known for their home-like fee. They are also small in size and take on only a limited of guests. This means that you won’t get caught up in the fast pace of vacationing. In fact, you may feel like you are the only vacationers in the world.

When examining bed and breakfast inns in the Paso Robles area, you will find some standalone establishments, such as the Belvino Biaggio Tuscan Retreat. Many more are located on the grounds of local farms and wineries, such as the Ann & George’s Bed and Breakfast at Voladores Vineyard and the cottage located at Hollyhock Farms. Local farms and wineries may also have vacation homes and guest rooms available for rent.


While many travelers visit Paso Robles just to take a wine tour, you may have other attractions and activities on your vacation itinerary. If so, you may wish to be conveniently located. In that event, a hotel may be your best option. In Paso Robles, you will find the Hampton Inn & Suites, Courtyard by Marriot, and Budget Inn. Other hotels are located not far from the outskirts of Paso Robles.

As for where you should stay, ask yourself where you want to stay. Your personal preferences should play a huge role in your decision. Other factors to take into consideration include convenience. Choose a place to stay that is conveniently located to what you want to do and see. Most importantly, choose an option that you can comfortably afford. The less you spend on your overnight accommodations, you more you can spend on vacation activities, attractions, and souvenirs.

As you can see, you have a number of different options when staying in Paso Robles, California. In fact, the above mentioned options are just a few of your choices. To ensure you make the best choice, research. Look at what other travelers have to say online, it is an easy way to make sure you have the vacation of your dreams.

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